Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Vacation Haul

Home sweet home! I had a nice holiday but nothing beats home. Am I right, ladies? I've had the same mani on for seven full days but thought I'd share my haul before I get to my nails. So, for Thanksgiving my husband and I go to his family's in Virginia. Since Florida doesn't have Rite-Aid (anymore...yeah, I don't know either. haha.) I had to stop in and check out their polish, right? Right. I don't like spending too much at once plus our luggage was already at max capacity, so I kept my haul small. Here's what I got:

Scherer Chameleon Fandango

Scherer Chameleon in Fandango has a green to blue color shift. I've mentioned how I avoid purple because I love it and don't want a collection full of purple, but I have the same problem with blues. (^_^;) To prove my point:

Julie G Kickin' It

Julie G in Kickin' It. This one has a color shift as well, but it's so hard to catch. Anywho, next:

Julie G Shimmer Island

Julie G in Shimmer Island. Loved this but almost didn't get it. I was only going to get two because, like I said, space and spending; but my husband convinced me to get more. Have I mentioned how awesome he is? Yeah. (^_^)

Jesse's Girl Crush

Last one from Rite-Aid is Jesse's Girl in Crush. I needed a good orange in my collection. I don't know if any of these brands are available in Florida, but if they are, I couldn't tell you where.

I also snagged my first two Sation polishes from Marshall's. Since I never go to Marshall's and know that they won't all have the same selection, I couldn't pass these up.

Sation Tall, Dark & Has Some

Sation Tall, Dark & Has Some is a multi-glitter in a clear base. It has blue, silver and black micro glitter, small black hexes & blue shreds. Yes, another blue. Sad thing is, I think I have a warm skin-tone, but it's just on my nails. It's not like it's makeup and the wrong tones. (o_O) Haha.

Sation Band Beauty

Last, but not least, is Sation Band Beauty. There was a similar multi-glitter with mostly pink/purple hues but this one has mostly gold. I thought it would be great for the holidays. It's a mix of micro and small glitters in gold, blue, red, purple and probably more. I caught a cold my last day off and can't see straight anymore. Plus, I'm running on very little sleep. So, I will leave it at that. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I'm going to try to get some extra sleep and hopefully feel better for work tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

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