Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nail Mail

Whoa, two posts in one day? I'm normally one post every two days. Hehe. But we all love to share our nail mail. So, here I go:

I won Lace & Lacquers's prize from Sassy Shelly's Thanksgiving Gratitude Multi-Blogger Giveaway!
Here are some close ups:

A pot of cute pink star glitter. Hopefully I can create a mani worthy of its cuteness. (^_^)

Gold striping tape, and my first striping tape. For those of you new to my blog (by the way I just got a new follower! Yea! Thank you!) I've always loved painting my nails, but I've only recently gotten into nail art. Anyway, I've seen so many cute manis that require striping tape, so I'm really excited about this! If I'm successful, I'm sure I'll be buying tons more. hehe

Two Orly minis in Teeny Bikini and Sweet Peacock. I'll admit, these are my first Orly polishes. If there wasn't already a blog called Frugal Polish, it could easily be my blog's name. (^_^;) Oh and Teeny Bikini scares me. LoL. I'll give it a shot, but it may be a pedi polish only. It would be perfect for Summers here in Florida.

Finally, an e.l.f. concealer brush that will be perfect for cuticle cleanup.

So, that's it. Have you won any giveaways recently? Feel free to share your wins. As always, Thanks for stopping by the blog of a nail art noob. Ja ne! Later!

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