Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Gift & Goodbye to a Dear Friend

Today's post is going to be a craft project I've been working on for what feels like forever. Haha. I have a friend, Jenniffer, who is moving overseas to teach English and I wanted to give her a farewell present that I know she'd love. So, when I stumbled across THIS POST from Accio Lacquer, I knew this was it!

Jenn loves dragons. I mean... LOVES. And sure, I could just buy her dragon stuff, but that's too easy. This had to be something more special than that, because who knows when we'll see each other again. And while these are technically dragon eggs, I'm pretty sure she's gonna flail hard when she sees them. ^_^

Unfortunately, like I said earlier, this project took way more time than I anticipated. I was so rushed to get her package out, that I not only didn't put a card in it, I didn't even put a NOTE! *lame* So, this post will also serve as a farewell letter, but I'll put that at the end so you all don't have to read it if you don't want to.

I wanted to make the eggs special somehow, and I went back and forth a couple times until I settled on an elemental theme. So, I made four eggs loosely representing Earth, Air, Fire, & Water. Here they are:

Elemental Dragon Eggs, Elemental Dragons

Earth Dragon Egg, Earth Dragon

Air Dragon Egg, Air Dragon

Fire Dragon Egg, Fire Dragon

Water Dragon Egg, Water Dragon
Choosing the nail polish was the hardest part, the rest was just time. Seriously, I originally made the Air egg light blue, but it stuck out like a sore thumb. So, I had to redo it completely. I'm glad I did, though. It ended up being my favorite one. >_<

So, that's what I've been up to for the past couple months. It's an easy craft with a really cool end result. If know some dragon lovers it's a great gift idea, too! If you try it I'd love to see yours. I'm Lacque Enthusiasm on Facebook and tabi_maya on Twitter and IG. I hope you all have an awesome weekend!

Who would have known we'd end up such good friends. I still remember when I first started following you on tumblr and thinking, "She someone I'd like to know." You lived a life so different from anything I've ever known. Single, city girl, world traveler vs married mom. Ok, that's being extreme, but you know. You've seen where I live. LOL! If it wasn't for OOR... well, who knows. And now you're off to start a new journey that will lead you to your dreams, and some of mine. Totally jealous. ^_~ I wish you all the best, and honestly can't wait to visit you. I hope you love your gift and have an amazing time with the girls. Wish I was there.