Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sakura Nail Art

Konnichiwa! (Good Afternoon/G'day) If you can't tell by my title and greeting, today's post has an Japanese theme. And while you can see cherry blossoms anywhere that cherry trees grow, these nails were inspired, in particular, by anime. If you've ever watched a spring themed episode of any anime, you probably know what I'm talking about. They are sure to feature sakura and/or hanami (sakura viewing). It is also highly likely that the imagery is soft, pastel if not water-colored, and dreamy with falling petals or whole blossoms. Here's an example I pulled from here on tumbler. I do not own this pic.


So, here's what I came up with.

Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Nail Art

I love these flower rhinestones for this design. It makes me think of the full blossoms that are ready to fall off. I didn't really plan out this design, I just knew what I wanted to do and did it. But I was so happy with how it turned out. I used Konad plate M66 with the sakura design.

Bonus: Did you know that the cherry trees in D.C. were a gift from Japan?

Ok, that's all today. Hope you are all having a good week. Mata ne (see you later). (^_^)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

One Big Post

Hey ladies! So, I've finally got my blog set up for Bloglovin. If you follow me via GFC, please subscribe via Bloglovin begore Google discontinues Google Reader. I hope all of you will continue along with me on my nail escapades. ^_^

I have 3 manis from last week to show you. I'll start with my first spun sugar mani. The first time I used Zoya Yara, I didn't even begin to do it justice in describing how gorgeous this polish is. It's olive green with gold, silver and green shimmer. So much more than it seems.

Zoya Yara

Zoya Yara with Matte Finish

I used Butter London All Hail the Queen for the spinning.

Spun Sugar Mani w/ Zoya Yara & butter London All Hail the Queen

I also tried the water spotted technique. This one was a little harder than I expected. Trying to get consistent spots was the biggest challenge. A few of the nails looked good, like my ring finger in this pic. Most of them, however, looked more like acid wash jeans. That being said, it would make great nail art on it's own if you used a white base to make it look like those funky 80s jeans. Haha. But I did say I'd share my fails too so...

Water Spotted Nail Art Semi Fail? ^^

Last, just a simple glitter gradient with a Pure Ice glitter, Cheatin, that I hadn't tried yet.

Matte Glitter Gradient: Pure Ice Cheatin & Ulta Vintage Violet

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for sticking around. I hope to see you all via Bloglovin. ^_~


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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Girly Swatch

Hey everyone. I hope your week has been great thus far. If not, well, it's almost over. (^_^;) Today is just a quick swatch post of Revlon Girly. I've had this for months now and I can't believe I haven't tried it til now. The base is pretty sheer so I showed it with and without undies. The undies are Ulta Vintage Violet.

Revlon Girly

And with a matte finish:

I love Vintage Violet for undies since I'm not a super pink type. This has just the right touch of a purple tone for me. What do you think?

Well that's all for today. See ya later. ^_^

Sunday, March 3, 2013

My First Nail Art Tutorial

Hey guys! So, during the Fab Collab Giveaway with Kat, many of you asked for more tutorials. Kat has been spitting them out left and right, but I have yet to do any. So, today I'm finally doing my first tutorial. I don't make videos, but I think it's easy enough. So, let's get started, shall we? ^_^

First, this is the design I came up with.

I'm going to keep this as simple as possible and just post this collage of the steps.

Nail Art Picture Tutorial

You can use any detailed design to stamp with. I thought this frilly one made it elegant. My daughter asked if I had Christmas trees on my nails. Hehe. I hope you like. If you want more detailed steps next time, let me know. I'll try to do it earlier, but it's after 11. (o.O) Have a wonderful week!