Friday, December 21, 2012

Striping Brush, Striping Tape & Pinstripes. Oh My!

Well, hello there! I know it's been an extra day since my last post but there is good reason. Well, not really, but this post will explain. Since I'm not sure I'll have time to post again before then, Merry Christmas. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.

So, I have three different designs to show you today. The reason being, this first one peeled the next morning. Apparently, the set of polishes I bought that came with a base coat actually put in a topcoat instead. I didn't even feel like posting about it after that. But since I did get a couple pics first, I'll show you.

Crisscross Striped Nail Art

This was my very first attempt using my striping brush. My husband picked out the colors and originally told me to do stripes, but his explanation wasn't very clear. So, when the green stripes got all crooked because of it being my first time striping, I went with this abstract design.

As you can see, the stripes were very inconsistent. The colors are: NYC Sidewalkers (grey), Sinful Colors Innocent (green), Julep Morgan (purple) & NYC Empire State Blue. Purple, blue and green are three of my favorite colors, so I knew I had to do them justice.

Striped Nail Art

After clearing up what my husband was actually wanting, I came up with this. I alternated the colors and size of the stripes to add my own touch. I'll admit though, I probably wouldn't have picked grey as my base. Kudos to the hubs.

This was my first time using striping tape. I've used regular scotch tape before, but not striping tape. So, you can see that it's not perfect by any means. I love the modern look of this mani, though. The alternating colors and all the taping took forever and it was already late, so, I did something different on my left hand. (^_^;)

I knew that I could do better with the striping brush, so I gave it another go. I added the little star so it wasn't just stripes. I think it added just the right touch.

Pinstripe Nail Art

I was having a hard time not casting a shadow in my pics. Anyway. As you can see, I alternated the colors and space between the stripes again.

And last, a different perspective. I was very pleased with how each design turned out, considering the circumstances of each one. I don't even mind that I have two hands with a different design, because they have the same color pattern and scheme. Who knows, maybe I'll start a trend. HAHA! Yeah, as if. A girl can dream, right? ^_^

Thanks for stopping by!

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