Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My First Saran Wrap Mani

Ok, so I've been seeing a lot of these and love the look. I've been wanting to try my Ulta Army of 1 and I thought this would be a good way. So, here's Army of 1 on it's own. I didn't clean up because I knew I'd be making more mess once I got to the saran part.

This is under a florescent light, so it looks a little more on the grey side than it actually is. Still pretty, though! ^_^ Now for the results of my first saran wrap mani. Drum roll, please....^_~

Saran Wrap Mani

Looks more green now, right? I used WnW Ebony Hates Chris on top. I love how easy this technique is! I was thoroughly expecting to botch it up, get frustrated and end up with naked nails today. Haha. I also think both hands look pretty much the same in quality, for once.

Sorry my clean up wasn't perfect. The new brush I was using fell apart on me. The metal part that holds it to the stick was loose. I smashed it on, so hopefully it'll be fine.

My ever supportive husband asked to see the final product and said they look like granite. I thought that was cool since there's marble nail art. So, now we have marble and granite. I don't know if the term has been coined yet, but I'll give my husband the credit. Saran wrap/Granite Nail Art! ^_^

I hope you liked my first adventure with saran wrap. If you have any suggestions, tips, etc., feel free to comment. Thanks for reading!

UPDATE: I couldn't leave you with this messy cleanup. Here's a clean pic. Hehe.

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  1. I love it! I've done a few saran wrap methods and they always look so beautiful!