Monday, December 10, 2012

Nail Fail: My First Water Marble

So, I said I'd share my fails as well as my successes and today I have one. I attempted my first water marble last night and bleh. I won't say it was a total fail, because I learned from the experience and got the dreaded first attempt out of the way. My left hand looks better than my right, as usual. So, enough chit-chat, let's have a look! (^_^)

I actually don't think this hand turned out that bad, but as you can see, my middle finger was a mess. I was intentionally going for a more organic, natural marble look rather than the flowery look most people do, if that helps any. (^_^;) What it doesn't help is my right hand:

The gold was too thick and didn't spread very well. Also, it was way to shimmery and made cleanup a nightmare. I couldn't even get a good pic because of all the shimmer. Note to self: NEVER use Sally Hansen Golden-I for water marbling. Haha.

I also had a hard problems with the polish bubbling once it was on my nail. I made sure my nails were dry, so I don't know what caused it. That's another reason they're such a mess. Oh well.

In the midst of cleanup, I thought to myself, "What a pain. This is so not worth it." But even as I got ready for bed, I thought, "I know I can do better with the right polish." So, I haven't sworn it off just yet. Any tips are always welcome.

Well, that's all for today. Thanks for reading and have a fabulous week!

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