Saturday, December 29, 2012

China Glaze Tranzitions Review

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. My mother-in-law got me a China Glaze Tranzition polish. Split Perso-nail-ity is the pink one. While it may seem like a cool concept, I have to be honest, this was a major fail in my opinion.

I'll start with the positive. The potential for quick and easy nail art is nice. I could see someone with great creativity doing something really cute. Here's a pic of what I did.

The "transition" on this color was pretty good, but the formulation left me so disappointed. It was so streaky, uneven and splotchy. When I say splotchy I mean, you can see the second darker pigment within the pink even before you add top coat. There was no even tone to the color even after two coats. You can also tell after you put top coat on. You might be able to see on my middle finger above,  but here's a closer shot of my thumb for emphasis.

You see the lighter streak right in the center of the dark stripe? It does seem that the more generous you are with your top coat the better the color change. But of course, without a full top coat the polish chips and wears right away.

All in all, it was a nice gift especially since it's a new product, but I wouldn't buy it now that I've tried it. For those of you who like to have complete collections, I wouldn't get this one. If you really need to try it for yourself, just get one to start. Honestly, anyone with a decent polish collection probably has a range of colors that are a couple shades different. You could do the same type of nail art with those and be able to use a top coat on the whole design.

I'll still use it, because I hate to waste, but it will probably be with a full top coat like a regular polish. I really hope this helps. I feel terrible even writing such a bad review, but it's my honest opinion.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. Thanks for stopping by! ^_^


  1. Oh Wow! Thanks so much for this post! I wanted to try a couple of these, but I don't like that at all :( Your designs are cute, but I must have top coat covering my entire nail, and they must be smooth, with no streaking. I think I'll pass on this collection. It seemed like a cool idea at first, but I agree with you...with a bit more time and 2 slightly different shades, you can create the same effect and have the added bonus of being able to use top coat over the whole nail. I already have several colors I could do that with, so there's really no sense in wasting money on tranzitions polish, lol. Thanks again for your honest opinion!

  2. To be honest, I thought these looked totally boring (the polishes, not your nails <3) and I'm glad I'm not wrong. You got some cute nails out of this but the idea of doing a design and then not being able to topcoat it makes me sad.