Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pardon My French

Happy Hump Day! So far this week, work has been crazy. So, I figured I'd just do a quick post of an untried I have. Pure Ice Pardon My French is a glamorous black polish full of micro and small copper hexes.
Pure Ice Pardon My French

I should have also layered it over black to show the difference, but I just get so excited to paint my nails that sometimes I forget about the blogging side. (^_^;) I also think layering would have given more depth because there was SO MUCH glitter in just two coats.

The polish was a little thick, but I think that's pretty standard for glitter polishes. I think it helps suspension so the glitter doesn't settle and you don't have to fish for it. Overall, I really like this polish. The copper added a classy feel that made me think of a flapper girl for some reason. Hehe.

Well, I hope you all have a fabulous downhill ride to the weekend! See you soon.

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