Monday, February 4, 2013

Julep February Bombshell Maven Box

Well looky here, I finally got around to a new post. I was planning on doing this Saturday, but was miserable with some sort of fit of allergies or something. Bleh! I hope you all are well.

At any rate, I should warn you this is a pic heavy post. I switched from the It Girl to the Bombshell Maven box this month. I was interested in the nail treatment since my nails are splitting like crazy. I blame the sudden winter weather that we've been missing all season here in Florida. I was also liking the green polish, Laura. So, let's get started.

They even gave us Valentine's chocolate. How sweet. (^_~) Everything was packed nice and snug.

This, in my opinion, is genius. Any girl who has packed a makeup bag knows how annoying and awkward the eyelash curler is. This one is so compact and flat, I just love it! I haven't actually used it yet, but I'll let you know if it ends up being a disappointment. Here are a few more pics, so you can see how it works and how small it actually is.

Okay, so here is Laura. A lovely olive/army green. The formula was nice, full coverage in 2 coats.

Julep Laura

I was definitely interested in seeing how much holo was in Ginger. When you first apply it, the holo doesn't really show at all. As it dries, however, the holo starts to show. It's not a, bam, look-at-me holo. It's subtle yet very pretty. Again, good formula, full coverage in 2 coats.

Julep Ginger (Indoors)

Hard to see in inside light, but the middle is showing just shimmer so you can see the slight color shift in the other two.

Julep Ginger (Sunlight)

In sunlight, you can definitely see the holo, but still very subtle. I'm really glad I got Ginger instead of the silver in the It Girl box. This is a beautiful polish that can be worn to work. Luckily, I can wear pretty much anything on my nails at my job.

Alrighty, I'm done overloading you with pics. ^_^ Don't forget about the giveaway. You can earn more entries every day. Ta-ta for now!

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