Sunday, April 14, 2013

Revealed! My Only Nail Blogging Secret

DISCLAIMER: Though school glue is washable and non-toxic, it still should not be ingested. This method is for swatching and decision making purposes only. I do NOT recommend wearing it for any other reason. It will easily peel and wash off. Use this method at your own risk and discretion.

Alright, as promised I'm going to share my one secret method with you all. Although you may think a disclaimer is a little much, I just want to make sure you all understand that this is not for wearing. However, if you are a nail blogger or have ever matted a mani only to realize that you liked it better the other way, then this method might just change your nail life. Haha...well, maybe. I do ask that you give me proper credit if you share this method. I'm not one of these huge, amazing bloggers, so I would appreciate acknowledgement of this. Like I said, it's the one thing I've got. (^_^;)


So, between the disclaimer and the intro, I'm sure you can figure what I'm talking about. I've always been observant of the less obvious, and ever since I was a kid using school glue as "skin" I've noticed something. Then when the glue basecoat was introduced, I noticed it again. School glue has a matte finish! You can now swatch EVERY polish or mani with a matte finish and never waste your matte topcoat! However, if you prefer the matte finish, then you will need to add an actual matte topcoat for daily wear. As stated above, this will peel very easily. It is in NO way permanent, nor is it a replacement for matte topcoats.

You might be wondering how good this method could actually be. So, here are a BUNCH of pics and you can decide for yourself. One tip, use the glue method before a topcoat.

Essence Grey-t to Be Here

Essence Grey-t to Be Here with Matte Finish

Pointer = Glue/Middle = Matte Topcoat

Can You tell tell the difference?

Also, since I didn't swatch it before, here's Urban Outfitters Blue Jeans. It looks very purple in the bottle and much more blurple in real life.

Urban Outfitters Blue Jeans Polish - Indoor Lighting

Urban Outfitters Blue Jeans Polish - Florescent Lighting

Glued up. ^_^

Whoops, caught some dust! haha

All peeled off.

Revlon Heavenly

Blue Jeans against my blue jeans. >_<

Ended up wearing it with an accent nail of Revlon Heavenly. LOVE! Can't believe it took me this long to use it. I was up so late that I didn't "matte" it again after adding Heavenly.

I hope you guys get some use out of this little tip of mine! Please let me know how it works for you.

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