Tuesday, April 9, 2013

NotD and Swatch

Well hello there! I know my posts have been scarce, but work has been crazy and I just don't have energy for anything by the time I've taken care of dinner and such. I do apologize though. I really miss you all! I will say, it's easier for me to post a quick pic on Instagram. This is not just for nails, but feel free to follow me.

Now, on to the polish! You all might remember my Urban Outfitters haul. Well, there's a reason I don't buy polish that's "displayed" in bins (basically). One was crusted shut and that's when I noticed it wasn't quite full. They have tester bottles, so this kind of peeved me. But not a biggie.

The colors were pretty, and they had a nice variety of glitters that were comparable to indies. Application, however, was streaky and overall disappointing. I would not pay $5 for these on the norm.

Ok, so here's Cherry Tomato. This red is super bright and almost leans toward red-orange in real life. Not my color at all, but my intent was for nail art anyway.

Urban Outfitters Cherry Tomato

Next is Slime, which looks much more chartreuse in the bottle, and an accent nail of Mystic layered over Blue Jeans. Sorry, I didn't swatch Blue Jeans, but I'm sure I'll be using it a lot. Beautiful color but more purple than anything.

Urban Outfitters Mystic

Urban Outfitters Slime

That's all for now. I hope this helped if any of you are picky about how much you spend on polish.

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