Monday, August 5, 2013

NotD: Easy Nail Art

Happy Monday Afternoon! Hope everyone's week started off well. Today, I have some easy but cute nail art. I used Urban Outfitters Slime and Sinful Colors Cream Pink. It's called cream, but it has a pretty little shimmer. As for Slime, I'm pretty sure I mentioned it in a previous post, but the formula sucks. Streaky on the first coat, pulls on the second, and chips so easily. As a matter of fact, you'll see in my pictures that I have a chip on the index finger. How? Well, I painted them late Saturday night so I thought I'd wait until morning for pics in the sunlight. A simple shower (meaning no hair washing) and BOOM! Chip. Yeah. Anywho! On to the pics! ^_^

Dots and Half Moon Accent Nail

Urban Outfitters Slime & Sinful Colors Cream Pink

My Chocolate Lab

So, indirect, direct, and alternate view with a guest appearance by my dog. Haha. I really do love the color of slime. It's a shame that I dread ever using it.

I free-handed the half moon and used a dotting tool for the dots. I dipped once for each nail so the dots got slightly smaller from base to tip. And that's it! I hope you like. Have a fabulous week!

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