Monday, June 10, 2013

NotD Plus Bonus Adorable-ness

Hi hi. I haven't been doing my nails as much, but I think I'll be back in the swing of things soon. To be completely honest, I've been hooked on a manga call "Attack on Titan" or "...the Titans." If you're into Japanese culture at all, you probably know this is pretty popular right now. I wanted to read the manga before watching the anime, because you never know what you'll miss after editing. At any rate, it's pretty original and interesting. I'm really dreading reaching the end and it being a total let down. Anyone who reads can relate to that feeling, right?

Ok, enough of my geek talk. (^_^;) Today, I just have a quick NotD, no special nail art. This is Sinful Colors Candy Coated with Sation Band Beauty.

Sinful Colors Candy Coated and Sation Band Beauty

I love this combination. The colors reminded me of one of my lemmings, Girly Bits Indian Summer as seen here on Imperfectly Painted. I know it's not really that similar, but it just reminded me of it. Honestly, I hadn't even thought about Indian Summer since I first saw it. I know some of you serious polish-aholics can recall polish colors and names like nothing, but not me. So, to remember it all these months later shows what an impression that polish left on me.

Ok, so for the bonus material, I wanted to show you what my daughter did this weekend. She did this completely on her own, mind you! Haha. She got a Doc McStuffins purse for her birthday that you could color and decorate with these little gems. Well, she decorated, alright. Her nails, that is!

Yeah, I'd say she's well on her way to being a polish/nail art lover. Maybe makeup too. You see the box on the table in the first pic? Full of lip gloss and peel-off polish. Haha. That's mommy's girl!

Well, that's all for today. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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